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The Ultimate Bike Selfie

When I got my first Red Camera I had been shooting on high end HD cinema cameras for years but those before like the Sony F900 that I had primarily used were huge and did not have the ability to shoot slow motion. I had been shooting stuff on Red for some time, but had not had my own to play with. So after a few trips and some other work that I had bought the camera for, I found myself sitting at home one day bored. There was no one to play with and since it was summer that did not matter as much, so I decided to go ride my bike on Teton Pass. Also having recently purchased my first brand new big life item, a Dodge Ram 1500 I decided to go play with all three and make a short video of myself riding my bike and my new toys.

I called everyone I knew looking for a Redmote to trigger the record, but after I had no luck, I decided that I would just let it roll and hustle up and down the hill, pressing record and running up to my bike, riding by and then running back to the camera to turn it off. When all was said and done and I showed to my friends they teased me about being vein and also not having anyone to shoot with, but I shrugged it off saying it was about my new toys and pointed out the sweet natural moment of the hose where this leaf blows into the shot perfectly. I think its also important to note that I spent quite a lot of time to get the hose screwed on just right so that it would leak in a visually appealing manner.


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